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I just launched my first sheet mask under my new brand Lumi Glo and I can’t quite believe its all happening. Its been a dream of mine for a really long time and with all that happened last year I took there plunge and went for it. For those of you who follow me you will know skin is really important to me. I am obsessed with skincare and have been for a long time. I love to layer products on myself and when I work with models. I pride myself on making sure that the girls feel their best on a shoot. Skin health and skin glow is so important to me.

Why a sheet mask first?

Well firstly they are the most affordable and also they give instant skin gratification. We all want fast skincare which nothing is ever fast in this life. But we can feel the instant hydration or skin feels instantly soothed.Obviously with breakouts and redness these take times to heal. However with a good routine and hard work skin can improve over time.

My first mask is what I like to call the Lumi Glo Hydration Booster with 2 hero ingredients CBD Fruit Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. All the sheet masks I will be launching will have CBD and its the first product of its type in SA. Plus you will all be happy to hear its locally made too. The CBD is known for its anti inflammatory properties so amazing for sensitive skin. If you struggle with dehydrated or dry skin, redness, breakouts and eczema then you will love this one.

As you all know I love Hyaluronic Acid is the power house of hydration.  Its an ingredient we need to apply to our skin especially as we get older as our natural HA reduces like everything else. Its like a drink of water to your complexion and helps the skin to retain moisture and bring moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is amazing for anti-ageing as it helps reduce fine lines and really plump the skin.

As well as the hero ingredients the sheet mask also contains Coconut Oil and Avocado oil two ingredients that are super nourishing. The Coconut Oil contains anti-bacterial properties, it’s anti – ageing, reduces oxidative stress. It’s an amazing antioxidant plus helps restore the skin’s hydration. This ingredient is perfect for tired, dry or damaged skin that is in need of a boost. The Avocado Oil Helps calm, heal, replenish, hydrate and protect against UV.

I wanted to show how the skin looked after 20 minutes with the mask. My gorgeous model Alex on the day prepped her skin with the Lumi Glo Hydration Booster. Alex’s skin was so hydrated and glowing like you would believe. Even though I love to apply the mask at night and wake up with plumped skin its also a goodie to do in the am before makeup application. It gives skin such a boost.

Make sure yo apply to clean skin, apply the mask and take any excess out of the pouch and massage into your neck and decollatege. Chill for 20 minutes and then take off make sure not to wash off the serum. I like to use my jade roller or gua sha after to make sure the product really gets into the skin.

After the mask I applied a moisturiser to lock there ingredients into the skin and then a light foundation. Her skin looks beautiful. I promise you your skin will love you for it.

The mask is great for all skin tones I used a mask on each model for the shoot for Lumi Glo. All the girls skin needed a boost in some way or another. It made makeup application so easy and the girls were glowing beautifully.

I am also excited to announce that my brand is also clean, vegan and cruelty free. Plus the masks are bamboo and biodegradable. Go check out about the Lumi Glo story here to find out more.

My online shop is now live and the masks retail at R95 for 1, R250 for 3 and R450 for 5. Shipping is free over R500. Go follow my the insta account Lumi.gloskin as giveaways will be happening.

Happy shopping.

Shahnaz x