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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

If you follow my blog you will know I hardly ever write about fragrances because I don’t wear them but there is something about the Azarro fragrances that I just love. This time they have launched these two beauties for him and her and I love them.

The packaging for the ladies fragrance is beautiful, I love the simplicity of it with the touch of bling which is always a favourite of mine. Its fresh and light which is how I like a fragrance. Its a fragrance that was created to represent the seductive playful woman. Its got woody and floral composition with a hint of amber. A combination of cardamom, lemon spicy notes, blended with a rosy, tangy and sparkly accord. With the heart of the fragrance being rose and lily. There are 3 sizes 30 (R395),50 (625) and 75ml (R745).

I absolutely love a man’s fragrance and when a man smells good its normally what you smell as soon as are near them. I love the Azarro pour homme and I love it on my husband, its a masculine sexy fragrance. With star anise ┬áto add spice and warmth, lavender to add a calm and soothing note and just a fresh smell. Its comes in a 50ml (R675) and a 100ml (R954).

Both a perfect gifts to give to the one you love and with Father’s Day around the corner the pour homme fragrance would be the perfect gift.

Shahnaz x