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I Love Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

This is literally one of my fav mascara’s the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang. I loved it from the moment the wand touched my lashes. For those of you who follow my blog you will know I bang on about how sad my lashes are. So of course mascara has literally been my best friend for a very long time. If I don’t put a few coats on I feel totally naked. What I love about the brand is they always get their mascara’s down to a T. Lots and Lots of volume.  I love that the Bad Gal Bang doesn’t smudge and make a mess like some do.

For someone like me who absolutely can’t live without mascara I needed to try this one out. Especially with a promise of a formula enriched mascara with aero-particles and described as ‘a super light technology derived from space technology’ – to give volume and a promise of 36-hour wear. Sounds amazing right???

benefit bad gal mascara

The Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara (R355) applicator has a 360 reach and literally gets into all the lashes. I get amazing volume and curl without having to put an eyelash curler to my lashes. The wand is super bendy as well making application super easy. Plus it goes from thicker to thinner making it easy to get into the inner corners of your eyes. Apply this bag gal on and dance the night away and your lashes will still look amazing even if the rest of you doesn’t.

Key Benefits:

1.ProVitamin B5 to strengthen and fuel thickness.

2.The mascara is intense pitch black giving that extra intensity.

3.Water Resistant (so you can swim and still look super hot)

4.Smudge proof and flake free.

What I love about the mascara is its weightless and so comfortable. It totally wakes up my eyes with or without any other makeup on. If you are feeling tired whack on a couple layers and you are good to go. The effect is gorgeous.

Check out Benefit’s video on youtube to see the mascara in action:

Now quite sure about all the space technology blurb but really do we care when you get such amazing results? I know I don’t. Definitely worth the investment.

Shahnaz x

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