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chick cosmetics skin bar

The first beauty fridge has arrived in SA to say I was excited was an under statement. I absolutely love my Chick Cosmetics Skin Bar plus its pink which makes it even better. I have been enviously checking out bloggers overseas with their gorgeous mini fridges. As soon as I found out they were coming our way I literally sat up till midnight when they were going on sale as I didn’t want to miss out. Did I really need one probably not did I want one Oh yes.

The skin fridge is purely meant for your skincare its not meant for makeup apart from eyeliner. Its perfect for your sheet masks, serums, face mists and tools like the face roller and gua sha. I keep all my face and eye masks in the door and then in the main part my serums, toners and hydrating mists.

If you skin is feeling a bit puffy there is nothing nicer then your roller or gua sha being cold. Its a great way to reduce the puffiness and a great way to start your day. Also having your sheet  and eye masks cold also help with puffiness. There are plenty off studies that indicate cooling your face down helps with not only the puffiness but reducing inflammation and has anti-ageing benefits.

My Chick Cosmetics Skin Bar (R1750) purchase also meant I got a couple of skincare goodies thrown in. The brand has some really affordable skincare that I have just started testing out. The Silky Face Toner and the Baggage Claim Eye Patches came free with my fridge I love both of the products.

The Toner has 7% Glycolic Acid, Amino Acids, Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Tasmanian Pepperberry. It really adds that extra glow as it gives a mild exfoliation to the skin. Plus the ingredients such as Aloe Vera help sooth the skin.

The eye patches you can see in action on my instagram glow skin highlights. They are super cute and even better when they have been stored in the fridge. Great for hydration due to the Hyaluronic Acid and brightening because of the Niacinamide.

Is a skin bar necessary?

There are some who will say its not necessary and that its not needed for skincare. I love the cooling effects and how fresh the products feel on my skin. Organic skincare will definitely benefit so as to keep them lasting longer. Ingredients like vitamin C and Retinol can also have a shorter shelf life. I keep my Chick Cosmetics Glow Booster Vitamin C serum in the fridge as well. I also keep my Filorga Optim Eyes stick in the fridge it feels amazing on application and really soothes my tired eyes.

The cold temperature helps constrict blood vessels, which is great for de-puffing and brightening as is I mentioned earlier. Obviously I could put products in my main fridge. Do I want to have to walk downstairs and get my skin care? No I don’t. Do I love my mini pink fridge that looks so cute? Yes I do.

Products recommended in the fridge are serums, eye creams, sheet and eye masks, nail polish, face mists, balms, preservative free formulas and of course your face tools. Its a portable fridge so you can take any where with you.

The fridges have sold out but they will be coming back in a couple months. So get in touch with Chick Cosmetics and get your name on the list. If you haven’t tested out any products go check out what they have on offer will def be sharing more in the future.

Shahnaz x