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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I recently got a brief for a beauty job and the nails was a key element to the shoot. Most jobs I do the nails are just painted in a particular colour there may be some colour changes but nothing dramatic. Suddenly my eyes have been opened to the world of nails. Reading magazines such as Instyle UK and Grazia UK I was noticing the big craze on nails and that in the shows for spring/summer 2013 nails was a big player in the looks created.  I discovered a shop in Cape Town called maskcara that opened my eyes to what is available. Since I found the shop I try and incorporate cool nails into my shoots. I will post images when they get published. Here are some of the trends.

1) Nail stickers are a huge craze and are great because they can easily be taken off.

2) Micro pearls or sprinkles

3) Glitter and glitter dust

4) Two toned nails that you can create using a sponge

5) Alternative french mani so tips can basically be any colour

6) Half moon at the bottom or top of the nail.

7) Velvet manicure

8) Nail embellishments

9) Nail art

10) Metallics

Here are some images of the trends. Will keep you posted on how to do some of the new trends.

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