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Oral B pro expert toothpaste

I Love Oral B

This is the first time I am posting about teeth, yes ladies this is also very important part of your daily beauty routine especially as you get older. I am so privildeged to take part in the Oral B trial because hopefully people out there listen to what I have to say but because I am also a fan of the brand.

Bad teeth run in my family and my dad spent so many hours and money in the dentist and that always made me want to ensure I looked after my teeth especially after I had to endure braces for 2 years as a teenager (not a cool look). So electric toothbrushes and using the right toothpaste has always been a must for me.

Firstly let me talk about the brush because I really love this one. Its their latest electric toothbrush that rather than my old round head this has a proper toothbrush with a top part that really gets into all the areas you need and deep into the gums.

Oral B Pro Expert

Oral B Pro Expert 1

Oral B has always been my go to toothbrush so when I got this  new bad boy I knew this was the one for me. I must admit I haven’t tested out an Oral B toothpaste until now, and so far only after a week of using I am pretty sure I won’t be using my old brand.

The Oral B Pro Expert is the latest in toothpaste technology as its the only one in South Africa to use Stabilised Flouride Technology, and I hear you all thinking what does that even mean? It basically helps protect against cavities, plaque, gum problems and bad breath. Starting from day 1 the Oral-B Expert gives you 3 times more protection than any other toothpaste currently on the market. As well as the SFT technology it also has a Silica Cleaning System. Retailing at R 34.99 you really can’t go wrong with this one and just test it our for yourself.

Oral B promise that regular use will provide:

  1. Help prevent cavities
  2. Fight Gum problems (need this)
  3. Fight plaque build up
  4. Block Sensitivity
  5. Strengthen Enamel
  6. Provide Tartar Control
  7. Remove Stains
  8. Give you fresh breath

Sounds great right?

The Satin Floss is really a given and Oral B really is the guru of all flosses right? Its one thing that will help keep those teeth and gums healthy and something I really need to up my game on. This floss retails at R54.99 and yes its more expensive than the toothpaste but trust me floss is an essential part in having beautiful teeth.

So its my my first week only and I can’t quite say yet about the results so will keep you all posted. What I can say for now is that the toothpaste combined with the brush really makes my teeth feel super clean and fresh. I love the taste of the Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste, I kind of feel like I am at the dentist in my own home but it tastes way better. I am hoping that the toothpaste will help with my gums and make them slightly whiter so watch this space.

Shahnaz x