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Clarins Total Eye Lift

Eye cream is a step I never miss out on. Especially since hitting my 40’s because who wants wrinkles to start appearing? Introducing the gorgeous Clarins Total Eye Lift Cream its definitely what I needed in my life. With all the stress we experience which leads to lack of sleep my under eye area really gets dehydrated and that’s when the fine lines appear.

The latest Clarins Total Eye Lift cream (R1080) comes in a stunning red bottle with a pump so no wastage. The formula was formulated to help with reducing fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Its super light and melts immediately into the skin. With the skin being so hydrated after application it makes applying concealer so much easier. Plus helps my makeup last longer.

The eye cream is infused with some amazing ingredients for great results. Horse Chestnut helps brighten the darker areas. Albizia Extract helps promote skin firmness and radiance. Hurangana is an organic extract helps to tighten skin so basically has a lifting effect. Lastly Cassia is a wax using for toning properties. As well as other ingredients that are super hydrating. My under eye area is glowing and radiant just the way I love it.

I love that you can apply to the whole eye top and bottom. I like to apply from the inner corners of my eyes all the way around the eye. Make sure to be gentle as rubbing in to hard an cause damage to the under eye area. Its definitely a product that over time you will start to see results. My under eye are is definitely more radiant, hydrated and smoother. In terms of the lifting I don’t struggle with sagging yet so can’t really comment on that. My fine lines have definitely been kept at bay which makes me very happy. For best results definitely apply night and day. For me a definite must buy.

Shahnaz x