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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I love lipstick its just the one thing other than mascara that lifts the face and makes it come alive. I have so many in my kit I have lots count from Mac to Chanel in all sorts of textures I guess its a bit of an obsession. But I tell myself I am a makeup artist so its all good while I am busy buying my 6th Mac lip palette!!!

But there is always a favourite and one that I think every girl should have in their makeup stash especially if you just looking to have key items in your makeup collection and can’t buy endless lipsticks. As much as I love the high gloss and luscious lip textures I love me a matte lip and there is nothing quite like the Mac Ruby Woo. Its a gogeous shade of red that if you ask me looks pretty amazing on every skin tone. It has great staying power and just looks really cool.

So if you haven’t tried it then go get yourself one.

Shahnaz x