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I was recently asked what product out of all the makeup I have would be the one most important one. So basically if I had to choose one product what would it be? For me it was an easy answer but that’s just me and what I couldn’t live without. If it was for a shoot the answer would be slightly different.

So what would be my one product?

MASCARA without a doubt. Its the one product that can totally open up the face no matter what. It takes you from tired to pretty and sexy. If I really can’t be bothered to apply anything else and I am going to step out that door mascara would be the product I apply. It gives volume and definition to the eyes and I just love it.

If you don’t have naturally curly lashes then make sure you use lash curlers this will really open them up and make your lashes look even more amazing. Also work that mascara into the roots and wiggle to get get all those lashes covered.

There are so many mascara’s in my kit and here are a few with it continually growing. For that great budget mascara try Maybelline, L’Oreal and Gosh. For the more expensive I really love Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome and the rest.

The latest to my mascara stash is the Lash M Double Trouble Mascara which lengthens on the one side and instant volume on the other end. Love it.

What’s your one product you can’t live without it?