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Indeed Labs Nanoblur Launch in South Africa

When I received an invitation to the Nanoblur Launch I was very excited. As well as the Nanoblur product we also received the Synoxin Serum, Hydraluron moisture booster and the Okrapeptide beauty without needles. The launch focused on the Nanoblur product which was created by a Canadian Company Indeed Labs and promises younger looking skin in 40 seconds. Nanoblur was so successful in the UK it was being sold something like every 9 seconds!  I did some research and I found out that this product is supposed to be the latest in skincare promising to reverse the clock in seconds. Of course everyone wants to look younger but does it really work?

There are so many products on the market promising youthful skin with huge price tags. What I liked was that the National Marketing Manager had worked for all the big cosmetic companies and realised there was a gap in the market.

After the amazing lunch at Ellerman House (amazing venue) we listened to how Nanoblur came about. The product is a cream and is applied by patting onto the skin over your foundation so its your finisher once you have applied all your make up. Its composed of high-tech particles that scatter light and make the skin clearer, fresher and younger in seconds by blurring out the skin and pigmentation.

Indeed Labs claim its better than any other light diffusing miracle workers like Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins. The particles are supposed to be much smaller to other products on the market therefore finding their way into the tiniest of imperfections and taking them away.

So I put Nanoblur to the test. I suffer from some pigmentation and I have a few lines on my forehead and you can normally see my pores up close. I patted the cream onto my half my face. Immediately I could feel my skin tighten and it felt as it was being pulled outwards giving a slight lift effect by my eyes. Up close in the mirror my pores had disappeared and the lines on my forehead were no longer visible. The pigmentation is still there but slightly lighter. Plus my skin felt like porcelian. I can’t say I look years younger but I do see a difference plus its not crazy expensive like most products on the market. The Indeed Lab products will be stocked in Clicks so will keep you all posted.

Will post on the other products I recieved once I have tested them out.

Hope you enjoyed my post.