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Introducing Lipidol

I am all about the oils whether its for the face or for the body any time of year. Living in the sun means skin gets seriously hydrated and as I get older I need more hydration on my face. Putting an oil on your face may scare you a little bit but trust me the Lipidol oils leave your face and body feeling so soft.

I luckily got my hands on most of the range to try out and I have to say I really like what I have tested so far. Here is the full range starting from left to right: Cleaning Face Oil, Body Cleansing Oil, After Shower Oil, Sunscreen Oil, Aftershave Oil and Overnight face Oil.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 16.25.09Its a new range that just recently launched in SA created by the people that bring us Bio Oil so they know what they are doing when it comes to thie type of product. Each product costs R79.95 so you are in no way breaking the bank and you will have great feeling skin after.

I got to try the cleansing, body cleansing, after shower and overnight face oil and I would say my favourite so far is the after shower oil and its replaced my moisturiser in the mornings. My skin gets really dry on my legs and this oil seems to lock the moisture in and keep my skin soft. The oil quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving any trace that I have applied oil and can put clothes on straight away.

I have really gotten into using oils on my face, maybe if you suffer from crazy oily skin this may not be what you are looking for but for dry, normal and combination skin you will enjoy the face one’s. The older I get the more dehydrated I am especially as I am out in the sun a lot on shoots or if I have been sunbathing the overnight oil supplements the skin oily layer that has been stripped by daily exposure to sun and pollution. I find in the morning my skin feels really soft and smooth. I haven’t use the face oil every night, but use it when I feel I need it.

The cleansing body oil is for the shower, once you apply it turns into a creamy consistency, this oil helps remove the dirt from your skin without stripping it. I really like to use this one after a day at the beach or being in the sun and it smells like lime’s so it smells amazing too! I have only ever used one other shower oil before but this one for me wins because it smells so good.

The cleansing face oil has only been used to remove my mascara as I prefer to use my other cleaners at night if I am going to use an over night face oil too it seems a bit too much for me to cleanse with an oil.

Overall I really like the range I have yet to try the sunscreen oil so may give that one a try and its always great when the products aren’t crazy expensive.

Have any of you tried the Lipidol Oils from Clicks yet?

Shahnaz x