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 foreo lunaNow you all know I am totally obsessed with skincare so when the Forea Luna hit my desk promising a lifetime of beautiful skin well its pretty obvious I was happy. I spend quite a bit of time on my skincare routine so having great skin is no 1 on my list.

So what is this pink little gadget I can hear you all thinking? Well the Foreo Luna comes all the way from Sweden and won in the Elle Swedish Beauty Awards Innovative Product of the Year so already you know it must be pretty good right?

The Luna offers a new revolutionary way to how you look after your skin using T-Sonic pulsations that are channeled through a unique brush surface of soft silicone brush points.

See below:

lunaThe combination of your skincare and the Luna allows for gentle cleansing of dirt, oil and other impurities leaving soft bright skin that feels so clean. Since using the Luna I have not had a single breakout and I feels amazing every time I use it. One of the key benefits is that the Luna improves the absorption of your skincare products so that they are more effective in the long term.

The other side of the Luna has ridges that you can use in more sensitive areas like in between your brows:

Luna 2

There are 3 different Luna’s one for ultra sensitive skin which is the white one, my one is for sensitive to normal skin and the blue one is for combination skin. I think why I prefer this to the Clarasonic as it doesn’t feel as harsh on my skin and its more hygenic because its silicone. Its chargable so after one charge you can get up to 450 2 minute treatments so like me who is so forgetful to charge anything its perfect for me plus is waterproof so I can do my beauty treatment in the shower.

Check out a short video on the brush and how to use:

Available online on  and the Luna is priced at R2790 and even though it sounds like its a little pricey its really worth it in the long term for clearer better looking skin and its something that I will use forever. If you don’t want to spend as much then then zando offers the mini at R1900 with up to 300 treatments per charge.

If you didn’t get a chance to see my October favourites then I featured the Foreo Luna in the video check it out here.

Shahnaz x