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Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer – The Review

This little diamond landed on my desk a few weeks ago, sadly I couldn’t attend the launch but at least I got to test out Khiel’s latest edition here in SA the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Stress Minimising Daily Hydrator. I was sold at stress minimiser as I have long busy days and tiredness can take its toll.

This Khiel’s Skin Rescuer moisturiser is all about combatting the apperance of visible looking stress on the skin as fatigued, dull looking and uneven skin tone. Fortified with Mannose which is a barrier protecting, rare sugar shield and helps maintain skin to protect recovery as well as Rosa Gallica, its formulation is supposed to help fortify the skin barrier function, helping protect the skin from showing the impact of daily stressors.

With winter setting in and the weather here changing my skin can get affected with dehydration and dryness and the Khiel’s Skin Rescuer is a perfect lightweight moisturiser that gives a lot of hydration without leaving skin feeling oily or shiny. I have been using it every morning at the end of my beauty ritual and it gives me a real boost and leaves my skin just feeling great so that by the time I apply my makeup it looks brighter and makes makeup application easy as my foundation just glides on. My schedule at the moment is really crazy and I feel I can look really tired very quickly which means wrinkles are more visible. This little bad boy of a cream just gives my tired skin the pick me up it needs and feels hydrated all day long.

The Skin Rescuer is also meant to deal with redness and blotchiness I don’t suffer from either so I can’t from personal experience say that it does but it keeps my tired skin looking and feeling fresh.

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All I can say is I love it and has a big thumbs up from me. It has already launched last month in SA  retailing at R555 for a 75ml bottle. It has a pump so there is no wastage and very easy to apply. Have you tried it yet???

Shahnaz x