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Korres Skincare – The Review

What I love about being a beauty blogger is how much I am learning about skincare and what amazing products there are. Being a make up artist its so key to understand the skin and how we should treat it. I am learning so much about how to care for my skin and for the models that I work with so as to ensure they look their best when they step in front of the camera. I have been so lucky since starting my blog as I have access to new amazing brands that are coming to South Africa and Korres is definitely one of them.

So here is a little information about the brand and what it represents:

The man behind the brand George Korress was determined that his products would only include clinically effective skincare products based on natural active extracts. All Korres products are developed based on 4 groups of natural ingredients: herbs with pharmaceutical properties, Greek Flora herbs, food ingredients, and highly-efficacy natural ingredients. Greek flora is renowned for its abundant varieties. The entire range is environmentally friendly with clinically tested effectiveness. So if you love natural cosmetics this brand is definitely love this brand.

Korres skincare includes the innovative Quercetin and Oak anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulation, the first cosmetic product worldwide to incorporate the breakthrough findings of research on Proteasome and Human Aging. Quercetin and Oak, which activates new protein synthesis within 24 hours, is the first natural anti-aging line to achieve higher scores on all clinical tests compared to the market’s best selling conventional anti-aging creams.

I have been trying the Wild Rose Skincare range which is meant for all skin types, particularly those prone to pigmentation, moisturising and brightening in the process. (Yes please). I have had 2 kids and its definitely played havoc with my skin plus I am in my late 30’s so I need all the brightening I can get!

The range consists of a mask, brightening cream, eye cream and a brightening and line smoothing serum. I have been using the range for about the past 3 weeks and my skin has been feeling amazing. The cream is quite perfumed and normally I am not a fan of any strong smells but as soon as you apply the smell doesn’t linger and my skin just feels soft. All of these products contain Vitamin C which has a repairing activity for fine lines and skin colour disorders as well as brightening the skin and radiance (that’s exactly what I need). With my hectic schedule I need all the brightening and radiance I can get.

The mask I have been using about once a week it contains complex herbal extracts to help with brightening and give the skin radiance. My skin felt really smooth.

The eye cream helps restore skin tone and texture around the eye and contains yeast extracts which improves microcirculation and decreases dark circles. I have been struggling with dry skin around my right eye due to tiredness but since using this cream its gone and my dark circles aren’t as noticeable.

The brightening serum has ultra concentrations of Vitamin C and helps smooth skin and prevent wrinkles and then followed by the 24 hour moisturising cream I love how my skin feels and looks. When I apply my foundation I have the look of dewy skin and my skin really looks great. Plus celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Rhianna and Kylie Minogue are celebrity fans and they all look amazing!

Korres will be launching in Edgars in November and the skincare prices will range from R95 to R595 and the make up from R80 to R330 which is all pretty affordable. In the meantime if you want to find out more info go to

Hope you enjoyed my post. x