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A couple of weeks ago I attended the La Prarie launch for their latest all singing all dancing serum that promises results in just 2 weeks. We got to hear what this latest technology is all about and take away a little sample to see what results happens in 2 weeks plus a couple more La Prarie goodies. The La Prarie Rapid Response Booster is pricey as all their products are because of the quality of ingredients and beautiful packing but its La Prarie right?

So what did I think and what’s this serum all about?

95% of their products formulate cellular therapy and are innovative when it comes to break through technology. This serum is all about visibly slowing down the signs of ageing because of it has the fastest wrinkle interceptor. From the first application La Prarie promises that you will already see differences to texture of the skin. Its a gel texture so its a little sticky on application but once it melts into the skin the sticky feeling goes away.

The Rapid Response Booster targets cells, giving smoother looking skin by targeting the depth and the width of the wrinkles. It has a targeted anti wrinkle delivery system which really is a revolutionary concept, its dual capsule has a speedy delivery in the active ingredients and precision hence the name rapid response. The outer capsule monitors the peptide and then directs the peptide to the cell that needs help and then works on producing more collagen and elastin.

Photography by Niquita BentoThe neuro calming peptide fibro blast cells have receptors that and communicate with each other. The serum helps improve cellular communication, helps with hydration and fine lines and wrinkles. 80% of ageing is due to extrinsic factors like stress so we need all the extra help we need and usually its too late beacuse of something called persisitent micro silent stress so we are ageing and we don’t even realise it because we can’t feel it or touch it and the final stage is the wrinkles that start to appear.

The La Prarie Rapid Response Booster has marine and herbal ingredients that exfoliates the skin making it smoother and diffusing the imperfections, as well as minimising pores and wrinkles. So basically you apply a pea size smooth over your face and then use a roll technique on your areas of concern working upwards which helps the product to penetrate faster and help with circulation.

It retails at R3470 so its a massive investment and most likely a product you would look to invest in your late 30’s. I have been using for the past 2 weeks and I can say my skin is super smooth and I have had a lot of comments on how good my skin looks and its glowing like never before. However I don’t have any wrinkles on my face so I can’t comment on whether the serum works in just 2 weeks for that area.

Photography by Niquita Bento

Photography by Niquita BentoShahnaz x