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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I love anything for the eyes and am always on the look out for skincare that will not only hydrate the under eye area but will also illuminate. When Lancome Genefique advanced yeux light pearl eye illuminator  landed on my desk I was very happy to be trying this one out.

The origional serum was launched in 2012 but the latest instalment is the advaced formula, its modern a different formulation, infused with light and a new flexible applicator that is metal and elastomer combined to help open up the eyes and illuminate them. The massage pearl and the light infused formula promises to give bigger and more youthful eyes.

The applicator has been modified to have more precision with the flexible 80 degrees rotation angle making it easier to basically get right in there, also allowing firm but delicate pressure to massage the under eye area to help reduce bags in the morning.

Genifique YeauxThe applicator and serum on application gives a really fresh feeling and gives a beautiful glow  under the eyes definitely giving the illusion of a freshness that I aways on the look out for. The super lightweight gel have a blurring effect during the massage of the applicator by applying back and forth under the eyes for a minute it will help reduce bags, protect the skin and energise the under eye area, as well as along the eye contours and on the outer corner of the eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 07.09.40I have been using the Lancome advanced Genifique yeux light pearl eye illuminator for about 3 weeks s far and am loving how it feels I have yet so say whether its opened up my eyes but Lancome promises that it can help over so slightly to open up the eye area so lets see what happens.

Its already in stores now retailing at R850 at all Lancome counters as well as online on

Shahnaz x