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If you loved the previous Lancome Juicy shakers then you will definitely love the new Lancome Matte Shakers. There are 7 gorgeous shades to choose from and because they are matte they just last that much better. I always love to chat about anything matte because its a texture I really love. I luckily got to play around with the shakers at the Lancome launch and take away the hot pink shade

The trick to the Lancome Matte Shakers is you need to apply a few times to get the full matte effect. When first applied it doesn’t look matte at all but dries matte. If you apply 3 coats you get the full colour pay off and when you do its super intense. Shake before applying to get the most product. The way the applicator is shaped is perfect for a precision application. Swipe the product first on your lips and then dab on the lips to get more product this will make life so much easier.


Tip to make your lips more definied use a lip pencil on the edges this will make the lip really stand out. You can also add a concealer on the outer edge to make the colour really pop.

That Legend that is Lisa Eldridge who is brand Ambassador for the brand shows us 4 ways to play with the matte shakers. Its all about the latest lip trends:

Available at Foschini and Woolworths retailing at R315 they are not cheap but they are really gorgeous. So if you feel like spalshing out a little then go check them out.

Shahnaz x

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