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This week has all about learning all the ways to braid because I was pretty bad at it. There are literally so many different styles, tricks and I came to Lonfon to the London Hair Academy to get brushed up on my skills so I can wow my clients when I get bcak to Cape Town. I learnt how to French Braid and Dutch Braid properly and learnt some amazing new party tricks that are so simple and easy to do. I wanted to show some videos in the post ond how to braid and hope to get you all inspired for the weekend.

For the pull through pony braid (the top pic) which yes I created myself is so easy but its important that you section correctly and keep everything neat. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve it:

Plaiting is super tricky with all the pieces you need to be in control over, keep everything tight and hands close to the scalp. I still have lots of perfecting to do but I can now say I know what to do. Here are some of the amazing styles I learnt and I will be definitely doing some hair tutorials to show you how to do some of the easier styles.

Braids 1

The infinity braid was definitely the hardest one I have had to do. It takes lots of patience and control but looks amazing especially with blonde hair. Once I truly perfect this one I will do a tutorial for you all.

Braids 3

This pony looks the coolest and truly is so easy to create with a braid type effect on the side of the pony. Love Love Love.

Braids 4

For those of you who want to learn how to braid then here are some video’s for you to watch:

French Braid:

Boxer Braid:

Infinity Braid:

Happy Friday:

Shahnaz x