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In my latest beauty editorial with Marie Claire SA we covered some of the latest lipstick trends, shades and textures plus some lip techniques thrown in. Lipstick is one of those items that you should always have in your makeup stash. Bold colours and textures can take your makeup look from so so to absolutely stunning. Plus a bold colour can totally wake up your complexion even when you are feeling tired. If you feeling super bold then be playful and wear two shades at once but this look may only be for the daring. If you are totally focusing on lips then keep the rest of your face clean with lots of mascara and bold beautiful brows.

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Personally I love a freckle its such a great way to add an extra diminsion to your makeup looks and totally compliments the bold lips. A nude lipstick is a must have for any girl its perfect for the day, no makeup makeup vibe or if you are working an eye. To really make your nude lip pop apply your highlighter on your cupids bow. When it comes to choosing a nude shade for the paler skin tones go for a shade two shades darker than your lips and for the dark skin tones a shade or two lighter than your lips.

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The classic matt red lip will always be a trend it just looks elegant, modern and so beautiful. If you are feeling tired and washed out I promise you a red lip will totally rectify the situation. I love a matt because it has great staying power and just looks amazing.

If you love a gloss lip then you can totally apply a clear gloss to any lipstick. A hot pink gloss lip is totally the way to be totally playful with your makeup and rock the seasons trend. Save money by investing a clear gloss and apply to any lip to tally change it up.

0817_MC_101_106_main beauty.indd

I am obsessed with the new mettalic lip trend it just takes lipstick to a whole new dimension. Urban Decay have launched these bad boys that just looks amazing on. Keep your complexion fresh with a contoured cheek and a simple eye to really make those lips stand out.

0817_MC_101_106_main beauty.indd

I totally love the blurred lip look plus its super easy to create. Apply foundation to your lips, then take a lip shade and apply in the centre of the lips with your fingers. Finsih off with a highlighted cupids bow and voila its that easy.

See below the key lip techniques for the season:

0817_MC_101_106_main beauty.indd

What’s your favourite lip trend?

Shahnaz x



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