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The L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Overnight Oil-in- Serum

I love serums especially one that I can apply overnight so when I wake up I have gorgeous looking skin. The L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Overnight Oil-in-Serum does just that. Surprisingly its the first time using the  brand and am super impressed. What I love about the serum is that after only a short time using my skin feels plump and super soft. I only got to try out a little tester thanks to Ruby Box but will definitely look at buying this one as its that lovely on my skin.

The L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Overnight Oil-in- Serum promises to transform your skin overnight to  younger looking skin. Its all about resetting your skin after a stressful day and wake up with skin thats refreshed, hydrated and feeling super smooth. We all have such busy lives these days coupled with pollution and fatigue it all have a massive impact on our skin. Your skin is best able to perform its repairing and regenerating functions at night, which makes your night-time skin routine so important.

Tip: Apply the serum between 9-11pm as that is when active ingredients work best. So if you go to bed around that time make sure your face is cleansed first and then massage in.

There are 3 actives in the serum:

Immortelle Essential Oil: which is known to be the brands powerful antioxidant, that has the power to  boost collagen production and double the rate of micro-circulation in the skin.

Acmella Oleacera Extract: known by some as the ‘natural alternative to Botox’, which when applied topically relaxes muscle tension under the skin.

Majoram Extract: a powerful active ingredient that works on the basis of Epigenetics (it has the ability to restart gene expression functions that have become dormant and less effective due to natural ageing and external aggressors such as UV, pollution and stress).

The serum is a super light water gel that is quickly absorbed into the skin and with the gorgeous subtle fragrance that will definitely relax you at bed time. I am not normally a fan of fragrances but this one really is amazing. I love that my skin just feels soft with no greasiness of an oil but just feels really hydrated. Once absorbed thousands of suspended golden bubbles will deliver a powerful dose of Immortelle oil extracts which are slowly released into the skin.

Yes I know the serum is meant for night but I wanted to show how I apply with a pretty picture.

Tip: I like to pat the serum into my skin and then massage into the neck area.

Now there have been proven results you will see a difference in a week but really it will probably take a month for this to happen. I can definitely say my skin is feeling hydrated and glowing when I wake up. Now it is on the pricey side retailing at R900 but a little goes a long way and skin is always worth the investment right? Not everyone will be able to afford this. However, I think if you are older like me or from 35+ and you are looking for anti ageing products or your skin is need of hydration and a glow then you might want to invest in this one.

Available to buy online here or in any of the L’Occitane stores.

Shahnaz x