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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

On my shoot yesterday for Elle magazine the brief was dewy almost plastic like looking skin and well basically that’s one of my favourite things. I love flawless beautiful dewy skin with a shine and a highlight. But in order to achieve it no matter what you need is great skincare. So today I used 5 key products to create the dewy skin with some shine:

1) Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: This cream really is magic and is perfect for that dewy skin and give the skin a boost and some love. Sadly not available in SA so another alternative is the Dr Haushka Day Rose Cream. I love a rich cream especially if your skin is dehydrated and having break outs and generally needs a boost.

2) Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation: I just can’t get anough of this foundation its the perfect canvas for natural beautiful dewy skin. It doesn’t look heavy and lasts for quite a few hours we used on set and it was crazy hot and the foundation was still on the skin and I only had to do one more application throughout 9 hours so a great foundation in the hot climate too.

3) Mac Pro/Conceal and Correct Palette: If you don’t have pigmentation, redness or bad skin then you don’t have to stress so much about concealer except under your eyes or around your mouth. This concealer goes beautifully with the foundation to create a beautiful canvas. To get a seamless dewy finish lightly buff the concealer with a blending brush onto areas that need coverage.

4) Mac Lighstcape Mineralise Skinfinish: Love love love for a dewy highlighted skin. On the shoot I had to pack it on but for every day lightly buff in the highlighter on the top of your cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow.

5) Elizabeth Arden 8HR Cream: This cream is perfect to create that natural shine to the skin without being sticky like a gloss. It makes the skin look so beautiful and gives an amazing shine to the skin. Lightly apply with finger tips over the highlighter on top of the cheek bones. Also apply on lips to give the same finish on the lips.

So get busy getting your glow on.

Shahnaz x