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I always love when any new makeup lands on my desk especially when its a new mascara because as those of you who regularly read my blog this is one item I can’t live without. Elizabeth Ardens latest Grand Entrance Mascara gets a big thumbs up from me and will definitely be going in my personal stash. The Flawless Start Instant Perfecting primer will be heading our way in March. So for those of you who struggle with oily skin and hate that your foundation doesn’t last the distance this primer may be the one for you.

I personally love a hydrating primer as my skin can be quite dehydrated. I tested out the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer (R365) on areas like my cheeks where I have some oily areas to smooth out my complexion before applying my foundation. Its super light but has a matt effect so definitely a goodie for the oily complexions and feels like you are wearing nothing. Great for making the complexion appear flawless and keeping the shine at bay. Which means your foundation will last longer and won’t be slipping off your face by lunch time. Its definitely in the more expensive range of primers but Elizabeth Arden is one of those brands that is of amazing quality and won’t let you down.

The Grand Entrance Mascara (R290) has got this amazing shaped applicator that you can use on both sides so as to get  your mascara to lift and create volume. The end of the applicator is great to apply to lower lashes and the inner corner lashes as well as get into the roots to really get that lift. Even though the bristles are short they really coat the lashes which gives great volume which is great for me as my lashes are non existent. They also give a great curl without having to curl my lashes making it quick and easy before I run our the door.

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As well as being a good mascara its enriched with some great ingredients like an emollient rich extract, Vitamin B complex and moisturising extracts whichg means the lashes are also being conditioned and look healthier.

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Great new products coming our way this year so get yourself down to your local Edgars or Woolworths to try some of these amazing new Elizabeth Arden goodies.

Shahnaz x