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Its not often that I write up about budget skincare but the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Double Care totally impressed me its just one I had to share. It was sitting in my blog/makeup room for a while before I decided to give it a go and I am just sorry I didn’t try it sooner. Its definitely improved my skin over the last couple of weeks and I love how it feels and looks after application. L’Oreal describe it as a “complete rejuvenation without compromise”. Its the latest offering from L’Oreal Laser Renew collection and its the most powerful yet in its formulation.


The most important element is the dual pump system as it keeps both ingredients seperate until its applied onto your skin.Its a peach and white formula that leaves my complexion feeling fresh with a beautiful subtle glow. I have been using the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew every morning as the last part to my beauty regime and I love love love. The peach element of the cream is infused with Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant the protects our skin from all the free radicals. As well as leaving skin illuminated and smooth.The white part of the cream is for the dermis with 6% of Pro-Xylane which revitalises and firms up the skin as well as helping to prevent water loss. Meaning amazing looking and feeling skin.

What’s great about the product is that you can miss on the antioxidant serum if you want and just use this bad boy. Because I am a bit of a skin freak I still use a serum before I apply on the double care cream. I love that its a two in one and that you get everything you need in one bottle. Most of my friends don’t even use a serum so this product is perfect for those of you who really like to keep it simple. You get everything you need in one go.

I have been testing for about 3 weeks and really am so happy. My complexion is so soft and smooth then when it comes to my makeup application it looks flawless. I am definitely going to be trying some of the other revatilift products as this one really impressed me. Plus with the price tag of R260 its truly a bargain. The L’Oreal Revatlift Laser Renew Double Care is in stores now and available on line. So if I  were you I would go get my hands on one.

Shahnaz x


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