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esse protect oil

I’ve gotten  to that age now (42) that my skin has changed and its not so combination like I used to be with oily areas. Its more dehydrated at times with pigmentation. Plus now I am looking for skincare to help with anti ageing as well as protect my skin at the same time. Introducing the gorgeous organic Probiotic Esse Protect Oil that’s actually local. South African skincare is actually truly impressive and this little bottle of oil has become my new best friend. I even got a “your skin looks amazing what are you using”yesterday so the oil is definitely working a treat.

Esse is a South African skincare brand that focuses on probiotics to help restore the skin.The brand focuses on the skin’s microbes because without them your skin can’t function properly and the rate of ageing increases rapidly. The live probiotics in the skincare help make functional changes to the microbes.Their skincare is kind to your skin with a focus on anti ageing but its also vegan and cruelty free.

Esse’s Protect Oil is a skin defensive system with the unique Ximenia oil from Namibia. The Protect Oil’s key ingredient possesses rare chemical properties which form a protective layer when exposed to UV light. The oil contains a uniqure fatty acid with a very rare, triple-bonded carbon chain. When exposed to UV light or free radicals, this triple bond breaks and binds with other chains to form a protective polymer coating. The oil also helps increase blood flow delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Plus its anti ageing and helps with dry skin or skin that needs repairing.

The Esse Protect Oil comes in a pipette so again is a product that won’t get wasted. You just need 3 drops and then press in all over your face and neck to make sure the product gets fully aborbed. Once I have cleansed I then apply the oil and then carry on with the rest of my beauty regime. My skin feels amazing and is so radiant. You can even add into your moisturiser if you want and blend in its totally up to you.

I love that its not heavy on my skin like some oils are. My has definitely improved in smoothness and radiance since using. The Esse Protect Oil is great for sensitive skin and can even be used to condition dry lips. Its a goodie for winter time when skin can look dull. This one totally brightens up and gives a beautiful glow I can’t get enough of.

Shahnaz x