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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

If you haven’t heard of Evo hair products then you are seriously missing out. I was lucky enough to meet with Ashleigh that represents the brand in SA and get my hands on some amazing hair styling products. Evo is an Australian hair brand that really is amazing. All the products I got to test out worked a treat making the whole hair styling process so much easier. I totally love the packaging and can’t wait to get my hands on some more of the range.

Evo hair products

For my Superbalist shoot last week I got to makeup the gorgeous Scottish model Neve. To prep the hair I spritzed the Icon Welder hot tool shaper (R370). its a thermal protector that protects against heat and humidity. Plus it also helps hold hair in place and even adds a bit of volume. Its key to use a thermal protector especially if you are using a hair dryer, tong or straightener.

I tonged Neve’s hair just to get some texture and add defintion to her hair and spritzed each section with the Helmut Extra Strong Laquer (R400). Its a strong hold finishing spray that doesn’t leave hair tacky and is so easy to brush out. I used the spray to tong the hair which ensured the movement stayed throughout. The finishing spray smells good and just makes the whole styling process so easy. LOVE.


Evo 2

To great amazing volume the Haze Styling Powder is the bomb (R370). I sprinkled into the roots to gift lift and also make it easier to style due to the texture. Sprinkle into the roots and then rub in and voila volume at your finger tips.

Evo 3

For a gorgeous beautiful finish the Love touch Shine Spray is really beautiful (R440). Its a super light finishing spray that adds a gorgeous gloss to the hair. Its also perfect to protect hair against frizziness and basically adds some love to hair thats a bit coarse.

Evo blowout spray

I didn’t use the Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray ┬áthe shoot but I have tested out on myself. Spritz all over on damp hair and then blow dry. My hair had great volume after and really looked really beautiful with a gorgeous gloss to it.

Available at as well as in store too. Check out their facebook page to see where else they stock. Definitely a brand worth investing in with pretty good prices.

Shahnaz x