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Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream Serum

I love a gorgeous glow to the skin its basically what I live for when it comes to my skincare. The Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream Serum gives me just that. The skin perfecting cream is super light but has the potency of a serum. I am all about taking care of my skin but without having to do botox or fillers. I am always looking for skincare that will help slow the ageing process down and give me a glowing complexion at the same time. The Gatineau Perfection Ultime Cream Serum gives my skin the hydration I really love.

We lead busy stressful lives, a good night sleep is not always manageable, pollution and harsh UV rays all affect our skin. All these elements can age the skin quicker so a good skincare routine is absolutely vital. I absolutely love French skincare and this one is no exception. The brand is known for combining natural ingredients with cutting-edge biotechnology.

I was lucky to get a press drop from the brand and try this new Perfection Ultime Skin Perfecting Cream Serum. Its a new type of serum that can be used on its on or underneath a moisturiser. Its definitely got the hydration to be worn as a moisturiser. I like to use a couple serums at a time and then work this one in at the end. It basically has the potency of a serum but as mentioned earlier its super light and melts beautifully into the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Yeast Glucomannans – Rich in Amino Acids, Proteins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Vitamin B to provide a more youthful complexion and boost Collagen production.

Neurophrolin – Wild Indigo Extract helps soothe stressed skin and is known as the “destress express” for skin cells, as well as improve skin tone.

PatcH20 – A complex of Plant Sugars, Serine and Brown Algae which are packed with skin replenishing nutrients and antioxidants. Enriched in amino acids, proteins, minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamin B – these key ingredients help the skin get healthy and well as give that natural glow I love.

Centella Asiatica –  A rich anti-oxidant flowering herb known for its multiple younger complexion benefits. It reduces inflammation, stimulates new cell growth, builds collagen and improves circulation allowing a surge in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

White Tea – A powerful anti-oxidant.

Hyaluronic Acid – Deeply hydrating for plump and soft skin. Definitely a key ingredient in my skincare routine.

As mentioned earlier you can use on its own or combined with a moisturiser. I am a layering kind of girl because as you know I am all about the glow. Apply in the morning or at night or both its really up to you. A thicker layer can be applied at night as a treatment mask once or twice a week if skin really needs that extra love.

Available online at Absolute Skin (best price R945) , Foschini Stores and Dischem stores selling at R1150.

Definitely worth checking out if you looking to invest in your skin.

Shahnaz x