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I love attending the Mac trend workshops with Michelle Lee because its the one event that really covers the key makeup trends from fashion week and some of the key products used to create the magic. Its a revealing season with lots of feminity and beauty, a cleanse in makeup  where its all about light, luminosity and lifestyle according to Michelle Lee SA’s pro senior makeup artist.

The Mac SS15 trend workshop covered 4 key makeup trends as well as key items like the Mineralise skin finish in Global Glow that was used to create the light from within on the skin. The Superslick liquid liner was a key texture fro the graphic eye and the Trend forecast Spring 15 lip and cheek palette for lips and flushes on the cheek.

MAC SS15 1

MAC SS15 2

MAC SS15 4The key trends covered in the workshop starting from top left Review, Enlightened, Free Party and No makeup.MAC SS15 LooksReview:

reviewmac ss15 11

Its all about lining and lashing, lifting the eyes, 60’s and 70’s inspired, clumpy lashes, a pink flush on the cheeks and the new nude ballerina pink for the lips. The eyes are either cut at the eye, exaggerated, its all about texture whether it be super slick, glossy, matt or satin but its all about black. The liner is futuristic where it lifts the eye especially seen in shows like Kate Spade at NY fashion week, where the liner manipulates the eye creating a shape for all eye shapes. There is also the illusion of a shadow liner as seen in Salvatore Ferragamo or the rounded liner with the soft feminine edges.

Features are manipulated but are also effortless with key products like the no 7 lashes, the superslick high lacquer liner and layers of In Dimension mascara. Lashes were inspired from the 60’s and 70’s with a more is more vibe.


enlightenedmac ss15 13Its all about lighting the face, layering textures, ombre shine and glossy textures. In shows like Peter Pilotto shine was focused on the centre of the face where light was created against a matt canvas. In Prabal Gurung light was on the highest points of the face like the cheek bonbones to create that youthful glow. Textures like shine, cream and powdered pearl with eye gloss lightly tauped is a must have for the season. Its all about effortless placing of products such as the glossy lid and clear shine on the skin.

Products like Strobe cream were used under the eye area to create luminosity, global glow mineralise skin finish in key areas, gloss on the lids and clear gloss on the lips over a matt texture.

Free Party:free partymac ss15 14This trend is all about festival makeup, with bright pops of colour, freedom of makeup and all about placing and blending. Its all about makeup that conjures the free spirit by a way of a rainbow gathering. Against the clean and raw skin makeup artists used colour as a precious detail with key colours such as clear water blues, sea foam greens, coral and shell pinks, sherbet and ice cream pastels with a touch of glitter. In shows like Holly Futon the trend is more subtle with colour placed in the waterline. In Stella Jean it was all about golds and bronze’s and lips the product is pressed and blurred at the edges.

No Makeup:no makeupMAC SS15 15Its much harder to create the no makeup look than it is to create a smokey eye, there is a technique to this trend where serious attention to detail is needed. Its about flushes on there cheeks, freckles, its a warmed up version of enlightened with a hint of summer. Skincare is absolutely key for this trend with magic mix of Fix +, softening solution and care blend oils used to create amazing looking skin. Clear gloss is a key product for lips as it magnifies the natural shape of the lip as well as Prep and Prime highlighting pen to make subtle corrections to the skin but not to take away from the skin.

Cream colour base is key for this trend using reds, orange, apricot and peach to warm up the skin. Rich Coral is a key favourite of Michelle-Lee’s used on the low points of the cheeks, on the temples, lips, collar bone, shoulders and hands. Brow pencils were used to enhance the freckles, a clear gloss on the centre of the lips for that plumping effect.


I am giving away the Trend Forecast Spring 15 Lip and Cheek palette as I already have one in my kit. So if you want to win this gorgeous gift then here’s what you need to do:

1) Tell me why you should win.

2) Put your answer in the comments box.

3) You have to be an SA resident.

I will announce the winner next week Friday 22nd 2015.

Shahnaz x