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Shahnaz Loves Beauty


So New York fashion week is over and its already happening in London. I always love this time as there are always new make up trends, new products and different twists on previous make up looks. So here is what I have been seeing and what I am loving.

  • Flawless Skin is key through out all the looks most of the time the skin is dewy at times has that almost plastic feel but we are also seeing a matt face too. But the key is that the skin is flawless and contoured with a nude lip and a touch of shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • I love love the glitter trend its a such a simple look but with the right foundation and a nude lip it looks beautiful and so easy to recreate yourself.
  • Usually we see the feline flick but the new trend is a gold liner on top of the black gel liner with a nude lip.
  • The glossy eye is back and it always looks amazing. Using clear gloss is not something you can wear during the day but an alternative is Eight Hour Cream.
  • The smokey eye always comes in different forms and shades I love the eye blue smokey created by Pat Macgrath it looks amazing with the pop of shimmer in the centre of the eye. We are also seeing a plum smokey but only on half of the lid so its more subtle. We also seeing the smokey at the bottom lash line again using the plum shades so this is defintely a trend colour.
  • The liner through the crease of the eye is back but this time a dark shade has been used instead of the previous neon colours we saw last year. Or the alternative trend is the heavy contour in the crease if you don’t want the liner. I love both.
  • The foil lip is absolutely beautiful with the smokey eye. The lip just pops with the two tone shades and the gold in the centre gives that foil like effect.
  • The colour in the waterline features again we saw it in the SS13 trends and its back and so simple but so effective in giving your make up a modern twist.
  • Graphic Eye will always be on trend and always look really cool.
  • The bold brow is still here to stay and I think will be a trend for a while, it just completes the look.
  • The white liner is back but this time on the bottom lash line it looks very cool with the dewy almost plastic looking skin but for the every day woman you may want to take the white liner trend and work it on your top lash line.
  • Shimmery eye with silvers or pastel shades is another trend. I love silver against a flawless face it just looks amazing.
  • Pops of colour such as lilac and orange on the lid are a beautiful take on colour for winter to give your face a bit of colour.

Hope you enjoyed the post and love the trends as much as I do.

Shahnaz x