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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Recently I have been speaking to my friends asking what looks do they want to see in my tutorials. A lot of them have said a look that looks like they have made an effort, or for the mum’s that have no time to themselves a quick 10 minute look they can do before they attempt to leave the house.

Being a mum myself I literally have 5/10 minutes to my make up before I go out the door. So here is a picture of the products you will need. They don’t have to be the same products but this will give you an idea of what you need. What I do stress is invest in a few decent brushes it makes such a difference.

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1) Make sure you skin is moisturised before you apply foundation. Depending on how natural you want you can either go with a tinted moisturiser in summer time and a sheer foundation in winter which has a bit more coverage. Apply over the face using your finger tips and blend into your neckline.

2) Apply a dab of concealer under each eye and pat in with your fingers.

3) If you want to add eye shadow ensure you apply a concealer or primer on the lids before applying the shadow so it will stay or otherwise if you applying a cream shadow you do not to take this step.

3) Blend with a brush a taupe eye shadow into the crease of the eye like a windscreen wiper movement. Or if you want a cream shadow just dab the shadow with fingers over the lid up to the crease.

4) Add some mascara on top lashes. When I look tired I add to the bottom lashes as it opens up my eyes.

5) Use a bronzer or cream shadow to contour under the cheek bone to give the face some definition and up into the temple.

7) Take a little bit of highlighter and apply to the top of the cheek bone so that it will catch in the light.

8) For a really natural look apply a cream blush to the apple of the cheeks or a powder blush in peach or a baby pink if you want a little bit more of a pop.

9) Finish off with a lipgloss or a nude lipstick