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Makeup Artists To Follow

Being a makeup artist means that I aspire to be like some of the makeup artist legends out there. They inspire me and so many others and I wanted to break it down to my top 5 of who to follow.

Pat Macgrath: Seriously this woman is an absolute genius, she can create anything from the clean no makeup makeup to the crazy 1920’s inspired makeup. She leads makeup teams every season at fashion week and is brand ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana. She is definitely what inspires me to be a makeup artist.

Milan_Fashion_Week_Beauty_Dolce__Gabbana_SpringSummer_1510Charlotte Tilbury: Charlotte also leads up countless shows at every fashion week creating iconic amazing looks. She launched her own makeup line last year which I love and basically rocks the makeup world shoting with the likes of Mario Testino and doing makeup for all the top magazines and campaigns.

THE-ROCK-CHICK-PAGELisa Eldridge: Amazing makeup artist and beauty youtube guru and Chanel ambassador Lisa shares lots of her looks in her video’s. She is world famous and shoots for the likes of ID, Vogue and countless other magazine and countless celebrities. I love her work and I always go to ger video’s to learn new tips and tricks and find out what amazing products are out there.


Tom Pecheux: Brand ambassador for Estee Lauder and just absolutely amazing, this French makeup artist has rocked the artist world. His work for Estee Lauder is incredible as well as the rest of his work on fashion week and magazines. Love his work!

Estee-Lauder-Pure-Color-Tom-Pecheux-2010Gucci Westman: Brand ambassador for Revlon and phenomenal makeup artist Gucci Westman is one of the richest most successful artists out there. Leading countless fashion weeks, creating makeup for Revlon and the rest she is truly an inspiration.


So here it is. There are loads more I love and will share some more soon but these artist are amazing and will keep you busy for hours.

Shahnaz x