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makeup brush cleaning

Makeup brush cleaning is no 1 when it comes to being a makeup artist and its important even if its your own personal stash. Here is how I make sure my brushes are clean and ready for action:

If there is one piece of advice I could give to an aspiring makeup artist make sure you clean you brushes in between each job as germs can be spread. I have heard so many horror stories where models have gotten eye infections from dirty brushes. When I am on a shoot and I have to change makeup looks throughout the day or I have to do makeup on lots of girls I have a brush cleaner or rubbing alcohol to make sure they are clean and no makeup will be transferred and all germs are killed off. You can’t do a smokey eye with a dirty brush right?Brush Cleaner 101

If I have time then I use an antibacterial dish washing liquid as its gentle on the brushes. Apply a little on to the brush and then with the water I swirl the brushes onto the palm of my hand until all the product is gone. I towel dry the brush and then leave on the brushes overnight and the next day I am left with soft clean brushes.

If I am shooting back to back and am limited with time I use a brush cleaner, I love Makeup Forever Brush Cleaner as its not harsh on the brushes if you are on a budget and you are on a shoot then you can opt for rubbing alcohol.

Whst is your makeup brush cleaning routine?