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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Being a makeup artist can mean you spend so much cash on getting your kit right. Plus making sure you have every texture and colour under the sun. Having creamy textures that you can literally paint the face with is a must when it comes to a pro kit. The Makeup Forever Beauty Flash Colour Case is a cult amongst makeup artists but its not cheap at $99. I bought one a while back because it was something I really thought I needed to have because you know all the big makeup artists have it. However along has come a Makeup Forever Flash Colour Case dupe available in SA that is a fraction of the price!! Plus its pretty much the same.


As you can see the layout and shades are the same but the Holy Grail Flash Case available on is R300 instead of R1300. Yes that is a huge difference I hear you say. I put the Holy Grail flash Case to the test for a beauty shoot I did and I promise you the quality as far as I am concerened is pretty much the same. The product applies beautifully and looks amazing on. I used a paintbrush to paint a lot of the product on and was super impressed.

For those of you who are looking for colours to play with whether you are a pro makeup artist or you just love makeup now its so affordable. The gold and silver shades are perfect to create an eyeliner to jazz up your makeup look. You can pretty much use the colours for face, eyes and lips but remember cream doesn’t stay on all day on the eyes. is definitely a site worth checking out if you are working on a budget, are starting out as a makeup artist or just want to add more to your personal stash.

Shahnaz x