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Since its been a while since I did a makeup tutorial and I am overseas I wanted to share some makeup tutorials from some of my favourite celebrity makeup artists that I have been busy watching and catching up when I have time to myself before my kids wake up. So here are the video’s that I wanted to share and hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Harry Makes It Up: Victoria Secret Show Angels Makeup video is a goodie for those of you who love fresh gorgous looking skin thats perfect for day or night and a great spring/summer look.

Lisa Eldridge: One of my favourite makeup artists shoes us how to do a quick kitten eye that looks so beautiful on and is another way to do the cat eye making it really modern.

Monika Blunder: This makeup artist works with top celebrities in the US and alsways brings great makeup tutorials that are easy to do and on trend. Love this tutorial with the add of the blue mascara to give an extra definition to the smokey eye.

Pixiwoo: Its been a while since I have had a look at the girls video’s but I absolutely love this take on the 70’s makeup inspired video. Absolutely beautiful use of green eyeshadow with the bold gloss lip.

Hope you enjoyed the video’s. Promise I will be filming more at the end of the month when back from my holiday.

Shahnaz x

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