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The DIY Pedicure

Most women I know don’t have the time to even do their makeup properly let alone go for a pedi. Me I always make the time because my feet need to be loved with all the standing I have to do. However there are always ways to give yourself a great DIY Pedicure at home and save money in the long run and give yourself some much needed pamper time:

1) Soak Your Feet: Not only will this step help you relax and make you feel amazing, its key because it will soften up your skin and make it easier to remove all the dead skin from your feet. Try Crabtree & Evelyn Effervescent Sea Foam Foot Soak in a bowl of warm water, the soak is formulated with spirulina and laminaria seaweed to silken and condition the feet.

2) Exfoliate: Once your feet are all silky and soft  then same as your face your feet also need some exfoliation to take away all the rough skin and get your feet prepped for your pedi. I am absolutely loving the Body Shop Peppermint Foot Scrub, its cooling and leaves feet feeling so soft and refreshed.

3) Trim and File Your Nails: Make sure nails are all even, trim with a nail clipper and then file so that they are all beautifully evened out and the same shape. If there is excess skin on your cuticles then take away with a nail nipper.

4) Remove The Skin: You can spend ages with a buffer to take away skin, if your feet aren’t too bad then you can use to buff away any excess skin. Personally I love Medi Heel because it makes life a whole load easier. Apply the tonic onto cotton wool pads and apply to the dry areas on your heels leave for 10 mins (read a magazine while you wait) scrape away with the spatula provided it literally comes off and then wash your heels with the shampoo after.

5) Moisturise: Treat your feet after all the hard work you have done on your feet. You can invest in a foot cream but I just use my Nivea Deep Nourishing Body Cream and massage all over your feet.

6) Cuticle Oil and Clean: Before applying any polish make sure you apply a cuticle oil so that you nails are nourished and then take a non acetone nail polish remover and clean your nails.

7) Polish and Set: To make sure polish lasts longer apply a base, apply 2 coats of your polish of choice and then set with a top coat.

Happy Monday.

Shahnaz x