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Maybelline 14 Hour Superstay Lipstick

I received the Maybelline Infinitely Fushia lipstick in a big box wrapped  and the lipstick was wrapped around a pink scarf. This lipstick is a long wearing lipstick that is supposed to be a light weight lipstick with superstay colour promises not to drag or dry.

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I love this colour there is nothing like a bright lipstick to brighten up your complexion and of course is very on trend right now. The colour is very pigmented as you can see on my lips.

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(Excuse the terrible pic)

The lipstick did feel a bit dry for me I normally go for more hydrating lipsticks that have a sheen. However to combat this dab carmex before you apply and a little over the lipstick it keeps your lips feeling hydrated and gives it a little sheen and more pop. After 6 hours and drinking 2 cups of tea, eating lunch and having another drink with lunch the majority of the colour is still there but it has definitely faded on the inside of my lips so you will probably have to apply another coat after lunch. However that is pretty good staying power as most lipsticks I have tried fade pretty quickly and this definitely makes it much more cost effective. Another thing I liked about the lipstick is that when I  pressed my lips onto the back of my hand it barely any came off!

Definitely one to try and see if it works for you and combining it with Carmex definitely takes away any dry feeling on the lips and there is a great selection of colours!

Hope you enjoy the post. x