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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have been busy working on an online makeup course for Val Garland one of the big celebrity makeup artists and the last week has been all about us as makeup artists and our brand. So I wanted to share with my readers some of the work I have done for any of you aspiring makeup artists out there and chat a little bit about how we portray ourselves on social media.

If you are a makeup artist or are looking to become one your images are the most important  to get work so how you portray your work and where you portray your week is key. I have been busy working on my personal site to keep it simple and keep my work current and relevant. Its important to show that you can do simple makeup to more creative makeup and also show some of your latest work. I rebranded my site a while ago because I wanted to keep it all about the images.

Sites like Tumblr are another great way to show your work and cover more areas on the internet to try and get seen. It had been some time since I updated mine so I have been adding as much as possible. Of course having an agency is first prize because they get the majority of your work but its also important to have your own site or sites likeTumblr when you are starting out.

Instagram is probably the easiest and quickest way to get your work done, I am still deciding wether to keep mine makeupshahnaz all work or keep the personal element to it too. I was given great advice by another artsit to use the app Instasize to make pics look better and add an extra dimension. Instagram is a great way to see what others are doing but also to feature your work and its a great way to book work. Its also really imposrtant to show behind the scenes shots so people can see your makeup raw and not photoshopped.

I also have a facebook page MakeupShahnaz which I mix with work and my blog and its a great way to get followers quickly, so when someone is doing a search for me as a makeup artist they can see me everywhere and access my work in an instant.

Shahnaz x