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Its definitely not anything I have used before when it comes to cleaning brushes. The latest Mii Cleanse and Condition Brush Balm is a new way to clean bushes effectively and still keep all their softness. I was asked by Mii to be one of their BFF’s with the launch of the new product. As I really have become a fan of the brand I jumped at the chance straight away. The balm comes in this cute packaging that looks like a soap and will literally be your brushes new best friend. Yes please.

Mii cleanse and balm

I have either used a dish wash liquid or a brush cleanser to clean my brushes in the past. However they have not always left my brushes as soft and as clean as I would like them too. With the balm you get a really clean brush and it gets conditioned at the same time. The Mii Cleanse and Condition Brush Balm (R250) gives your brushes a deep cleanse as well as doubling up as a brush refresher. Infused with coconut oil and shea butter helps condition the brush while smelleing good at the same time. Make up is instantly dissolves and the brush is super smooth, so when it comes to applying your makeup you will be one happy lady.

Its travel friendly so if you are away on holiday or off on a business trip you just pop the balm in its box and can take any where with you. Its the perfect size to pop in your bag so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to clean your brushes. Plus with the constant maintenance of your brushes with this gorgeous balm they will last longer than before.

Mii balm

Its super easy to use all you need to do is wet your brush under luke warm water and then gently swirl over the balm until you see the foam take on the colour, Rinse your brush thouroughly until all the makeup and foam disappears. Either tap the water or dry in a hand towel and leave to dry. To get the balm ready for the next clean just give it a quick rinse. The balm comes with a small piece of mesh so place it n the mesh and let it dry before popping back into the case.

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