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Mio Double Buff – The Review

I have never been one for dry body scrubs purely out of laziness. Its something I always get when I am at the spa because even though it hurts a little when you apply your skin feels amazing after. Welcome the Mio Double Buff (do it yourself at home) Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator in the latest Fit Skin For Life range,what can I say it’s amazing.

Mio was a brand that I used post pregnancy and that’s what I associated the brand with but now they have a whole new range that focuses on the fitness of the skin. This product literally arrived at the perfect time, just back from holiday skin really dry after way too much tanning so when I laid my eyes on this product I knew I had to test it out straight away.

Use twice a week on dry skin and then wash away in the shower leaving super smooth and soft skin. It works really fast as you feel the results instantly. The scrub is combined of Pumice, Lava and Bamboo blended with Papaya and Pineapple enzymes to dissolve away the roughness, even out skin tone and pigmentation. Normally at this point after the holiday I am peeling, but this bad boy has removed all the dead skin leaving nothing but a healthy looking tan. Its also super hydrating with its natural moisturisers such as organic Shea Butter and Fig Extract so I just feel good after I have stepped out of the shower.

Its also a great one to prep your skin before you go away, before a night out to get skin looking and feeling amazing, if you are a model before a shoot or on your wedding day. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

The Mio Double Buff retails at R500 for 150ml but its one of those products that will last you a while and is available in certain spa’s check the link here to see where you can get your hands on it.

Shahnaz x