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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My 40th is around the corner and after my hubbie has been nagging me the past week on what I want for my bday I decided to compile a list of what I would like. I already have enough beauty to last me quite some time and definitely enough clothes so after having a good think this is what I came up with:

Even though I have a few Tory Birch handbags there is always room for one more. I am loving the wallet shoulder bag that is perfect for those nights out so you don’t have to worry about leaving your bag and its big enough for the essentials. All you need is keys, money and a lippie and off you go.

After shooting with the amazing swimwear brand Kiini this past weekend this is what I need in my life. They are the most gorgoeous bikini’s that will set you back about $280 but hey its my 40th right!!! Which one I get I totally don’t mind cause I love them all.

I am a Rayban girl through and through and yes I have already 4 but you always need cool sunglasses and I absolutely love this pair of gold raybans with tan lenses. They will look seriously hot when I am off to Spain in June.

Last up I have been wanting another camera that I can use for blogging when I am not at home and to be able to take on and take great pics. After reading a great review by Katie Lavie’s blog I am really fancing the Olympus PEN E PLZ compact camera in my life. It looks cool and will make my life so much easier as it can fit into my bag.

So let’s keep fingers crossed I get totally spoilt next month.

Shahnaz x