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autumn winter fashion staples

Winter is almost here in Cape Town not that I can really call it a real winter and its definitely not like winters in London. But we do have some colder days and icey mornings and evenings. This post is all about my autum winter fashion staples that I have been collecting over the last couple months. My wardrobe needed a real update. This season I have collected a series of winter short sleeve tops, few jumpers and lighter jackets. Not sure if I am even going to get a chance to wear my big winter jackets. I have updated my jacket collection and added in a couple more bomber jackets from plain to print. I have even gone with smart ZaraChanel style jacket for the season for those fancy dinners!!

This season I have definitely gone a bit more bling and its seems to be a big trend in stores like Zara and H&M. Zara are loving the pearls and H&M are going for the bling of which both I am totally obsessed with. I have added in a  couple french designers because I love them so much. My favourite are Tara Jarmon, Maje and Sandro they are not to crazy expensive and have the perfect casual to smart look.

I love short sleeve winter style tops I only added a couple in this capsule wardrobe post but trust me I have quite a few. Up front is a Zara sequin black wool top I also have it in blue because both are great for a winter wardrobe. I also have a couple of the Zara pearl tops which I will be featuring in next week’s post. Definitely go check out both Zara and H&M they have some real goodies at the moment. I normally only shop in H&M for my kids but this season they have done something right for me and am totally loving their winter selection of tops and jackets.

This is one of my favourite Zara winter pieces I think this one has sold out but I was in there this week (am there pretty much every week) and they have some great new pieces in. Its a simple grey jumper with great detail that really stands out. I think everyone needs their basics but also a selection of wow pieces.

Bomber jackets are defintely an obssesion for me I have quite a few in my wardrobe. I have dedicated a post to my favourite ones which will be coming soon. The two latest are sadly not from Cape Town but you can get this style here if you look. I love a leather jacket and each year I normally add a new one into my collection. This year its a simple black bomber thats much more casual but can also be put with a dressy outfit if you want.

The Maje print bomber jacket is my everything it was a pre birthday gift to myself. I picked it up in Nice and it wss love at fist sight. I love love print and this one is jusrt gorgeous. My bomber jacket post next week features this jacket so you can see it at all angles. Am totally in love with it. I am just waiting for the weather to get colder so I can actually start wearing all my new pieces.

What are your key autum winter fashion staples?

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x