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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I love all things fashion some would say I am a little bit of an shopoholic I just say a girl needs to look good. This morning at 9am the amazing Balmain collaboration with H&M is available for us girls to get our hands on. Now the prices aren’t your usual H&M but its Balmain and its definitely a lot cheaper than a Balmain piece so I say go for it. A lot of the pieces are super bold but there are a few that have really caught my eye and am definitely lusting after and hopefully will be able to get my hands on today.

The black dress  and the heels are literally my favourite piece sand out of everything I really hope I can get them this morning when the store opens at 9am. I am literally in love with them and they will look amazing together.



The pieces are bold and structured with amazing detail that can be worn seperatly to dress up an outfit or pieced together to really go all out. At first I thought the pieces were maybe to bold for South Africa but looking at the pieces individually they areally are amazing.


hm collaboration


hm colloab

Watch this space once I fouth through the crowds and gotten an item or two will post next week on my shopping haul.

Shahnaz x