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Beach Bag Essentials

So if you have been reading my recent posts I am on holiday the London part of my trip is over and now I am with my family in France soaking up the rays. I never go anywhere with out some beauty products in my bag even when I am tanning. So here are some beach bag essentials for me this summer:

Firstly I need to be protecting my face wherever I am even when I am not sunbathing, I hate wearing makeup in the day as I want to catch some rays even when I am out and about so the Eucerin Tinted Sun Creme SPF 50 is perfect as I am protecting my skin but what I love about this sun cream is that its tinted so I don’t have to worry about evening out my skin with some foundation or a BB Cream because the tint gives me the coverage I need with a matt finish so my face isn’t shiny.

As well as my face needing to look good so do my pins as I am working on my tan I am still a bit pale and having shorts and dresses on and chilling by the pool in front of people means my legs need to look their best. I am loving This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle as this product instantly enhances your legs combat skin imperfections, and any other issues like scars. I always have bruises on my legs somehow they seem to appear and this bad boy of product has arnica included which helps to fade bruising as well as Vitamin A and E to even out my skintone. My fav part is that its tinted so my skin has a sunkissed glow while I am working on the tan.

Even though I don’t like wearing makeup during the day on my holidays I do need a bit of something so I usually reach for a lip gloss as it adds to that summer feel and automatically makes you feel pretty especially if you taking a break from soaking in the sun to have a spot of lunch. Currently the Clarins Gloss Prodige in Coral Tulip from the Opalescence Collection as its a gorgeous sumer colour and enhances any colour I have on my face.

Hair is very important expecially if it does get wet from the pool, with me and my kids its pretty much a given so I need something to help my frizzy locks look cool. Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray is perfect for those crazy hair days by the pool, I spritz the spray into my roots and take sections and twist my hair and spritz product so my hair is more of a messy beach look rather than frizz. What I love about the spray is it adds texture and volume.

Protecting my under eye area is really important I don’t want to bring on any more fine lines and wrinkles so I pretty much wear sunglasses all the time even in the pool. I got these Dolce and Gabbanna beauties from Sunglasses Hut thanks to the lovely ladies at Elizabeth Arden hosting us at Sunglasses Hut at the J&B Met.

I know I normally only write a beauty but what’s a summer holiday without a good read by the pool, my current read is Girl Gone by Gillian Flynn I can’t put it down.

What are your beach bag essentials?

Shahnaz x