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Shahnaz Loves Beauty



After reading lots of my favourite blogs, attending launches and spotting new things in magazines there are a few products that I am lusting for and need to get my hands on. Even though I am so lucky to test out some amazing products there are always ones’s that I am wishing for.

After attending the Kevin Murphy launch and watching a few hair demonstrations and magic being created the powder puff stood out to create some serious volume to the hair and as someone who dabbles in some styling on set volume is one thing that is needed a lot plus it just looks so pretty.

The Dior Star foundation is pretty much at the top of my lust list, after already spotting it as one of the best liquid foundations back in July they had sold out in SA! Its vivinannadoesmakeup current go to base and just looks so beautiful on I am patiently waiting to get mine.

The Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain has been in so many blogs and people are raving about it. It hasn’t hit SA stores just yet so this budget bad boy is going to be mine.

You all know I love a glow, its my thing when I am working on model’s and its all I want for my slowly maturing skin. There is nothing prettier than fresh looking skin especially in summer which brings me to the Estee Lauder All Day Glow BB Cream which basically sounds amazing and we all know Estee Lauder create amazing BB Cream’s.

I have always loved Elemis I used it a lot when I lived in London and now its here in SA I am lusting after the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules that you use day and night and after 30 days will leave your skin looking amazing.

Lastly the Sigma Blending Brush has been on my hit list for quite some time and am wandering how it compares to my beloved Mac 217 brush that is probably my most used brush as its a winner for eyes, blending concealer and even to use on lips. So will keep you all posted.

Shahnaz x