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I have had a lot of comments recently on my skin and how good it looks even though I am 37! I supppose some of it is my dad’s gene’s but I also really try look after my skin. I have over the last few years changed it up but there are some products for me that really work and some that I have added in. But I do have to say that the products I use aren’t cheap execept for my make up remover. When it comes to make up you can definitely get away with using cheaper products but for me I definitely spend more on my skin care. So here is my current routine:

Chanel Gentle Foaming Mousse Cleanser – I have used this product for ages. I have really sensitive skin and this is really gentle on my skin. Its a combination cleanser and make up remover. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling really dry like some face washes do. I love it.

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Chanel Gentle Hydrating Toner: I pat this into my skin with my hands after I have washed my face. Its light and gentle on the skin and makes my skin feel fresh.

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Chanel Hydra Max + Active – Its a really hydrating cream and amazing for a tired complexion. It leaves my skin glowing even before I apply any make up. A lot of the time people ask am I wearing a highlighter but most of the time I don’t. I truly believe that using a really hydrating moisturier will really give your skin a lift. If you have really oily skin it may be too rich.

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Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator – My lovely husband bought me this for my birthday. What I love about this product as that it really gives my skin an extra glow before applying my make up. I haven’t used it long enough to say its even out my skintone as yet ┬ábut my skin is really glowing and not in a too shiney way.

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Ucerin Make up Remover – This product is really light takes away make up really easily without leaving skin too oily and for me my skin feels really fresh.

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Night Cream: Yu-Be (only available overseas) This a Japenese product which I recently blogged about. It smells like tee tree oil. It is very thick so I only apply a little to my face but in the morning my skin feels amazing. What I love is that my skin isn’t left feeling really greasy just really soft.

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Decleor Hydra Floral Multi Protection Expert Mask: If you follow my blog you would have read my review. I am loving this mask because itts gentle on my skin, I don’t have to wash it off I just pat off the excess oil and it leaves my skin glowing and very soft. Need it for my tired skin!

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When I am tired I add in Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to give my face a lift it definitely brightens my skin.

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Am on the look out for more affordable products so watch this space as have more products to review.

Hope you enjoyed the post. X