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I love to change up my skincare all the time and being a beauty blogger allows to test amazing brands and also means my skin is oh so happy. People always ask what is my favourite skincare or what am I using at the moment so here it is and here are some of my favourite brands.

I got asked the other morning what highlighter I had on because my skin was glowing and it looked like I had applied a highlighter. Its really all about the skincare and how you prep your skin. I literally pile on as much skincare as I can day and night because I am not far off 40 and want my skin to look as good as possible.

So here it is the low down on what I am using:

First up I cleanse my face in the shower and I have been loving the Clarins daily energising cleansing gel beacuse its kind to my skin and doesn’t strip all the natural oils and my skin just feels so fresh and clean. Next up I spritz my face with my latest obsession the Body Shop Vitamin E face mist it freshens my skin, leaves it feeling so soft and gives that extra glow to my skin.

The Dermalogica Power Bright range is pretty amazing and I have been using the C-12 Pure bright serum every day and I love it, its pretty pricey at R1200 but when it comes to your skin then sometimes you just need to make the investment. The serum targets pigmentation and helps even out the skin tone. My skin looks brighter there is a definite glow to my skin that makes people think I am wearing highlighter.

Ren is one of my favourite skincare brands its so kind to my skin and I just love the way it feels, there are 2 in my current routine the Vita Mineral daily supplement moisturising cream its super light and feels so refreshing. Its a multi active day cream that adds moisture and gives my skin the nutrients it needs = happy skin. I can get dehydrated especially when I don’t get enough sleep and this cream just rehydrates and gives a beautiful glow to my complexion. Next up the Active 7 radiant eye gel it helps cool, revive and brighten the under eye area and when I have 5am call times I need all the reviving I can get!

Last up for the eyes I apply the Nivea Q10 Anti-wrinkle eye cream, I absolutely love this range and it just goes to show you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on an eye cream. Its a hydarting eye cream that really helps smooth under my eyes especially when I am tired and I need something extra. It supports our skin’s own coenzyme Q10 which smooths and helps minimise dark circles.

Have you tried any of these products?

Shahnaz x


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