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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have come to realise as I have gotten older my night time routine is so important and maybe more important than my day time skincare routine. Sometimes I have been really lazy and just taken my makeup off or maybe put on a serum but lately I have upped my game and am seeing that when I wake in the morning my skin feels so good and I already have a glow before I get cracking on my day time routine. With that in mind I have been using 2 products of which I am totally obsessed with the Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum and the Power Bright Pure Night.

I do love an oil on my skin especially as my skin can get dehydrated throughout the day, the Overnight Repair Serum is an amazing oil that I apply at night after I have cleansed my face. Take 4-6 drops and press into the skin. It smells so good so you feel instantly soothed due to ingredients like rose oil. The Argan Oil and Rose Oil help stimulate cellular repair and collagen production overnight and as we get older our collagen production lessens so we need all the help we can get. What I really love is that my skin is glowing when I wake up and  this oil really helps give a boost to tired skin. I am always searching for products that give me a glow so big thumbs up from me. Its not a cheap product retailing at R850 but rather invest in serums and a good night time routine.

The Power Bright Pure Night is part of a new range from Dermalogica that just hit counters this month. I have been using the Pure Night for a month now and am totally in love with this one. I love the texture it feels rich to the touch but my skin doesn’t feel greasy after application and I love how my skin feels after I have applied it. The Pure Night’s purpose is to restore luminosity to the complexion as well as help with pigmentation and uneven skin tone while you are sleeping.

The Skin brightening agents like Oligopeptide, brightening Vitamin C, Niacinamide and Zinc Glycinate are key for helping reduce pigmentation, the Pumpkin Enzyme smooths the skin, Cranberry and Rasperry seed oils help to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, the Birds of Paradise Extract helps increase luminosity and the Vitamin C helps with the signs of ageing.

After a month of use my skin feels pretty amazing and definitely brighter in the morning, I can’t say if my darker spots have reduced but will keep using and report back. Its a costly product retailing at R1080 but I would definitely purchase this one because I love how my skin feels and looks.

Shahnaz x