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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

If you know my blog well then you will know I am totally obsessed with skincare not only for myself but for my model’s when I am on set. If this is the first time you have come across my blog skincare is no 1 when it comes to makeup looking amazing. I was a late starter with looking after my complexion because who thinks about these things when you are having fun in your twenties but trust me when I say its key. So I wanted to create a post for my fav Dermalogica products as its been key to my pro makeup kit the past year or so and its made my life easier when applying makeup but there have been some products that have been key in my private stash at home.

So here’s the Dermalogica fav list:

Antioxidant Hydramist: Hands down one of my favourite products ever. I use this every time I do a face on set as it firstly smells amazing so models are instantly happy. The spritz is totally refreshing so if its hot outside it cools the skin plus it plumps and adds all the love back into the skin. I normally spritz after I have cleansed but you can spritz throughout the day to get that dewy look back to your foundation.

Active Moist: This moisturiser is another firm favourite when I am on set especially if the model’s skin is dehydrated or just dry. Its really lightweight so doesn’t make skin greasy and literally melts leaving a beautiful complexion ready for base application. Love

Total Eyecare: Love this eye cream its been my go to when I am doing makeup and literally gives a gorgeous glow under the eyes. When It comes to applying concealer it just glides on. Infused with hydroxy acids and plant extracts your under eye area will thank you for using this bad boy.

Daily Microfoliant: This one is definitely one of the top sellers for Dermalogica because its an exfoliant but its so gentle on the skin unlike some. Its in a powder form that you apply with water and massage all over your face. Its helped me with my pigmentation and leaves my skin feeling brighter and basically feeling amazing.

Skin Hydrating Masque: This is one of my favourite masques and one I use on myself every week especially if I feel I haven’t slept enough and my skin needs some love. Its really light and refreshing and is a goodie when your skin is feeling dehydrated. Its also super moisturising so after its been washed off my face feels like silk.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque: I use this masque when I need a serious booster and I have had a late night. Its infused with Vitamin A,C,E and F so it really helps the skin recover. Its great if you have been travelling a lot because it will help with tired dull skin or skin that is dehyrated and stressed.

Overnight Repair Serum: I love any kind of facial oil especially at night because that’s when your skin needs repairing the most. The Argan and Rose oil help stiumulate cellular recovery and plump up skin so when you wake up in the morning you feel pretty amazing.

Dermalogica products aren’t cheap by any means and they are definitely an investment but definitely worth giving a try.

Shahnaz x