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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Skincare is just one of those things you don’t leave out when it comes to looking your absolute best. For every shoot I literally pile that skincare on because base just doesn’t look great if you have prepped. I came across the gorgeous Eco Diva skincare range from another makeup artist and I just love it. I love that its all natural and I absolutely love how my skin and my models skin feels. If you have oily skin then this one may not be for you as the serum is an oil base and the cream is super rich. My skin just loves it as its super dehydrated at the moment. The two products combined together is known as the double diva glow moisture kit well I just say please!!!If you haven’t heard of the range is a locally produced organic luxury skincare range known as the “skin food for your soul”. The range offers a high dose of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty and amino acids. Eco Diva is all about anti-ageing skincare benefits that are not harmful for your skin. Click here to find out all about the brand’s philosophy.

Eco Diva Skincare

The Double Diva Glow Glow Moisture kit consists of the Anti-ageing face serum and face cream (R730). A litlle seriously goes a long way with these two. You literally need a couple drops of the serum and the smallest amount of the cream to get enough product all over. The products work in conjunction to create super smooth, hydrated glowing skin. So by the time you but your game face on it just looks gorgeous.

Eco Diva Face Serum

The Anti-Ageing Face Serum comes with a pipette so you get exactly the right amount of product. Its works as a skin conditioning agent for fine lines and wrinkles that helps with damaged and deydrated skin. The serum restores suppleness and balance plus its great for sensitive irritated skin.

eco diva face cream

The Anti-Ageing Face Cream is like a balm and takes a while to melt into the skin but when it does really my complexion feels amazing. Its super velvety and soft to the touch I literally go in a couple circular motions to get the product onto my fingers and then massage in. Its an ultra rich cream that will seriously give your skin maximum hydration. The cream is infused with Vitamin A and E to assist in boosting collagen production with powerful antioxidant and vitamins to feed the skin. As well as Omega 3,6 and 9 to help slow doen the ageing process.

In the image above I used the two products in conjunction with a couple others but I used sparingly. The model at the time had been ill so her skin was dehydrated. The result flawless glowing skin.

Love Love Love.

Shahnaz x