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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

This foundation has been on my radar since Creative Director for Max Factor Pat Macgrath worked them on the models faces for fashion week AW16. The complexions on the models looked unbelivable so I have been waiting patiently to get my hands on the foundation. The new Max Factor Miracle Match foundation blur and nourish is my new best friend and makes my complexion look absolutely amazing. It has great coverage, totally evens out my skin tone and gives that perfect amount of dewy so that I have a healthy glow going on. YES YES YES.

I combined tow of the shades purely because I am at the inbetween stage where my tan is fading so I mixed shades Golden and Toffee to match my shade to give me a better match to my face. The product melts into the skin leaving skin feeling soft and it definitely feels like I am not wearing any makeup so that works for me. I have a lot of freckles on my face over the years of being in the sun and the foundation has covered a lot and totally evened out my complexion as you can see.

There are translucent particles that allow the skin’s natural highlights to shine through, Vitamin E and B to condition the skin and a medium to full coverage so great for those that need the extra coverage. I totally love it and would add to my pro kit for sure.

Max Factor Miracle match

I applied the new Max Factor Infinity lipstick in these orange/coral shade that goes perfectly with the foundation making my complexion look even fresher. I love a bright lip and a fresh face with a touch or mascara and some bronzer for that every day look.

max factor infinity lipstick

Check out Pat Macgrath and Candice Swanepoel behind the scenes shooting the new foundation. Pat talks all about the new foundation and of course Candice looks amazing in the video. You can see her complexion looks flawless:

Sadly there isn’t a shade for everyone in the range but go check it out at Clicks and give the foundations a test and see what shade works for you.

Shahnaz x