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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Last week while on a shoot one of the other makeup artists showed me a super cool editing app. Now I am totally useless when it comes to editing and photoshop well don’t even get me started. The app is so easy and allows you to create cool collages, add backgrounds, add in text that can be used for Instagram to make your pics look really cool and basically look like you know what you are doing.

PiCollage allows you to create your own collage or you have a whole load of really fun playful templates and stickers that you can create for your social media or even send to friends its pretty endless and a lot of fun.

I gave it a whirl yesterday as I have finally seperated my makeup and blog instagram accounts and wanted to create a collage showing a look I had created using two of my fav products for contouring and highlighting. It did take 3 goes but that’s OK. You can choose templates or you can have background pics and places pics on top of the background image and it just looks really cool.

PiCollage 3

I still have to get the hang of it and really play around but so far I am loving it and finally can make my collages fun and get some text on them!

Shahnaz x